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‘With You’ collection put a new spin on its slogan “made with you in mind”. Where this time around, “Oh Sebenar” brings two community members to immerse themselves in the realities of a Malaysian growing fashion brand. Bringing its Eid collection ideation to life. Oh Sebenar “With You“ is also a nod to our culture, tradition and heritage by bringing Kebarung, Baju Panjang, Pareo and the evergreen Kebaya to the current generation and highlighting the intricate and harmonious patterns from traditional spices and plants such as Bunga Kantan, Bunga Cengkih, Bunga Melur, Bunga Telang and Kacang Botol.

+ Creative Direction
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With You

by Oh Sebenar

Oh Sebenar’s website ‘With You ‘ Eid Collection 2023

Ideation photos
Behind the scene photos
Lookbook Photoshoot

Campaign Photoshoot at Kebun Kemensah

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Social Media

Nadine Jasmine
Lydia Amalina
Haziq Farhan, Lydia Amalina, Afif Adree, Hannah
Liyana Rizal, Shahidah
Natasha Gideon
Nadine Jasmine
Kebun Kemensah